Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Inspired Illustration

This piece is an illustration I did for a blog called Vignette Gazette that I am a contributor to. Vignette Gazette is a collection of students from the Savannah College of Art and Design that inspire each other to stretch our creative muscles by issuing artistic challenges to each other. We each submit topics and create work based around the weeks topic. Anyone who follows my blog who is not already a part of Vignette Gazette, should definitely take the time to check out the blog if you get the chance. There are some really great pieces from some talented artists to check out on the page.

The most recent topic was a warrior character design. In order to give you an idea of my idea behind the character, I will quote from the blurb I wrote on Vignette Gazette.

"As I was thinking about my warrior design, I wanted to to something atypical. I wanted to create more than just a cool action hero who was able to slay countless foes, or monsters, or whatever. So I decided to look up the definition of a warrior in the dictionary. One particular part of the definition that I found that stuck out to me was this; "a person engaged in a struggle or conflict." Using this definition and some prior delving into visual reference of African tribal warriors, I decided for my warrior design to be a little African boy. If a warrior can be defined by someone who is engaged in a struggle or conflict, then many people in Africa are warriors everyday. They must fight for their land, food, families, their very survival. I decided that a child would be a good choice for the warrior because all the conflict in Africa affects them the most. They are the future of their nations and what has happened in their life-times will affect them for many years to come. This little boy I have drawn is dressed in a combination of Massai and Zulu tribal attire. Here is a salute to all of the little warriors of Africa who go out to battle everyday. May we come along their side to join in the battle with our own compassion, resources, and prayers."

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