Thursday, March 19, 2009

My! What Nice Digital Form!

This is some work from my Digital Form, Space, and Lighting class. These first few photos are of a project called "Life is Like a Bosch of Chocolates." With this assignment we had to combine our Bosch models (models we made during the first half of the quarter based off images from paintings by Hieronymous Bosch. I will post those later) with a scene from the movie "Forrest Gump."

These are images from another portion of my final. I created a biographical set for a famous character. I chose to create a set for Mozart. While viewing these photos, feel free to listen to "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik." I find it helps set the mood.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Work from Animation I

These are some of the assignments I did while taking my Animation I course. Not all of the assignments are shown because I forgot to convert some of them to avi's, but they will be posted later. I feel the assignments are pretty self-explanatory but if you have questions, feel free to comment and ask. Enjoy!

Rubber Ball

Weighted Ball

Sliding Pendulum

Frog Side Step

Walk Cycle

This is my final for Animation I; the flour sack! There is a box in the lower right hand corner that is kind of hard to see. I might upload a better version later.

Monday, March 16, 2009

My New Blog

Hello Blogging World! I have just set up a new blog in order to keep everyone up to date on what is going on with me while I am away at college. I will hopefully be consistently posting new works I have created so everybody can see what I am up to. In the mean time, I will hopefully be getting a website up soon so look for that in the future.