Friday, May 8, 2009

Spring Quarter Creations

Although it may seem like I haven't posted anything in forever, the truth is....I haven't. So I figured it was time to show everyone what I have been up to this quarter. First we will start with my work from my Animation II class. The are mostly basic exercises, but my final was a lip sync which I suppose is slightly more complicated.

Now we will move from the world of computer animation to that of traditional. This video below is a special treat. This is my animation in progress for my Acting for Animators class. We started the class of by picking a monologue from the play. We then created a character based on the monologue and picked a sentence from the monologue. Now I am in the process of animating my character acting out that sentence. The characters name is Hubert and the sentence I chose is from the lunch monologue in the play "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown." The voice accompanying the animation is not mine but a preforming arts graduate student's (we collaborated with them and did voice recordings).