Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A New Creative Endeavor


The image above is my submission for a drawing prompt for the website known as www.sketchaholic.com. If you have not visited this sight, and you love to draw, I highly recommend going there and creating an account. The sight has great artistic resources, and drawing contests that happen fairly often. These contests are hosted by big names in the animation industry but you can even create your own contests if you wish. In addition to the drawing contests, professionals from the industry are interviewed in relation to the contest. Chris Sanders is being interviewed today at 2:00pm CT/ 3:00PM PT by Bobby Chiu, so be sure to check that out if you can. Chris will pick a winner of the contest, and that winner will in turn receive a drawing based on the same prompt from Chris. The prompt for the most recent contest was "Nightmare." My drawing is based off of a childhood nightmare I had involving me being chased around by giant crabs. I hope you all enjoy the drawing but more importantly, I hope you check out the site and keep yourselves creating and self-expressing.